On Sunday, the little guy turns three.  I have to take a moment to respond to my heart.  I don’t want to yada-yada on about “oh boo, where did my little baby go?”  As he runs around the house in his big boy briefs, I can see exactly what he has grown into.  Let today be a day to reflect on the challenges of the last three years, and instead of pretending they didn’t happen, I would like to celebrate them (a little bit.)  Together we have put our best foot forward as a family, run into many screaming matches, tantrums, tears and battles.  We always come out smiling.  What I’ve learned is that this journey of parenthood is far from over.  Rather than analyze each and every encounter with my son, I move through the days with courage and gratitude.  I’ve been shown that each day is different.  My friend Sanj told me that one occurrence does not predict the next.  So true!!  If only I had learned what this means sooner, I might have saved myself a lot of self pity during those Terrible Twos.  And self pity is ugly.  I have gotten so much better at being a mom in the last year.  Color me glad.

In recent weeks, my favorite moments have been watching my son be a big brother.  He is such a sweet person by nature, and extremely social, which he gets from his mama.  He wants to share his toys with the baby all the time, and now she’s starting to grab at them when he offers one to her!  I swear I’ll capture this on camera soon because oh, I have tried!!

The last 2 years I’ve planned birthday parties at the house, but this time I’ve given myself a break.  We’ve bought tickets to see the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Science Museum.  I’ll have my camera ready!  Happy Birthday to you, little boy!