My old college pal, Paige, is about to have a baby (due this Sunday.)  She recently blogged about not having the time to invest in singing to her fetus or to eat “like a saint” during this second pregnancy, and I smiled at my computer screen, thinking I just drank 3 glasses of merlot all by myself.  I can relate.  And…I think I would have enjoyed more sips of vino while pregnant with Lily, however, I was just too busy trying to get some rest.

Let’s take a breath.  Give ourselves a high five, ladies.  I thought this whole “having babies” thing was going to be relatively easy because my mom made it look easy.  Now, when I call my mother on the phone to kvetch about my week, she shares, “Yeah, I’ve gotten a few consultations with doctors to get an eye lift.  You’ll decide someday to get one, too, Kath.  You will acknowledge that Grandma had a face lift and your mother went in for the eye tuck, and then you’ll figure it’s your turn.”

Well thanks Mama, for keepin’ it real.  Now I know where I got my frankness from.  And, my eyelids.

So back to you, Paiger.  PUSH that little baby out and feel proud because you’ve done this before and you’ll do it again.  It doesn’t have to be pretty or even prepared.  He is going to warm your heart and complete your life like nothing you could have dreamed of.  Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy second birth!!

Kudos to all the mommies.  Holiday season is around the corner and soon we’re going to obsess over costumes and candy, followed swiftly by turkeys and Christmas.