Today was a really long one.  My nerves are so raw, and I worry that I might be gettting sick.  The general drama from my 3 year old was heightened by fears that we might all be housebound soon.  Yesterday I picked J up from preschool and the father of his best pal, Pete, walked in shortly after me.  He informed me that Pete’s got hand foot and mouth disease.  Dad was just stopping by the school to warn the teachers of the exposure.  Dear Lord.  Must I even say what that probably means for our family, considering that this kid and my kid are inseparable?  The stress has created some rock-hard shoulder muscles and probably a wrinkle in my forehead.  I am so uptight, it feels like nothing can remedy this day except a long 8 hours of sleep. (Ha.)  Then we just wait and see.

Luckily, I knew that uploading a few pictures from my camera to iPhoto would help bring a smile to my face.  And I was so right.

This was taken just two days ago at Disneyland.  We had 3-day passes from the Half-Marathon weekend, and needed to use up that 3rd day before the tickets expired.  What a fun, crowded, good time we had as a family!  Here on the Storybookland boat, Jimmy was eager to ride into the whale’s mouth, but then freaked out once we got close.  The boat guide had to stop the boat to tell him that he had to remain seated, and this of course made him wail even more because we are stopped at the mouth of a toothy whale.  Oh, it was classic.  I ended up shouting, “Wheee, it’s just like in Finding Nemo!” to help calm him down.

And here he is hugging Halloween Donald.  I mean, just Awwwwwww.

Daddy carrying both monkeys to the car.  Bye!!

(So far, hands, feet, and mouths all look clean and healthy!)