Today I asked myself, “Self, how long has J been mad for Spiderman?”

To which I replied, “Gosh, at least three or four months.”

He has no idea that there is another live-action movie coming out soon.  I won’t let him watch the first three because he is, after all, only three years old.  I think it would be poor parenting for me to pull out the DVDs and go, “Dude, check this out  You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen this!!”


So, what is it about the red-suited man that gets him so jazzed?  I mean, yesterday he stated plainly, “I wanna put on my Spiderman costume.”  I happily obliged him, making sure to help him undo the velcro back closure once an hour, peel off the polyester onesie and encourage a sit on the potty.  He likes to scale the couches and coffee table like a crime-fighter when he’s wearing his suit, and I keep telling him to be careful and ‘please sit on your bottom’ but I cannot put a stop to it.  Not really.  He feels powerful and magical when he is dressed up.  It has carried him passed Halloween and into November and he still loves Spiderman.


James and I think it’s so incredible how little people choose their favorite characters.  From all available merchandised heroes, he seems hooked on this one.  He has an activity/coloring book aimed at 5 year olds at least, but we like to color the pictures and talk about all the characters we see.  I explained to him that the young man in all the illustrations is Peter Parker.  When Spiderman “takes off his hat” he is Peter Parker.  And when Peter Parker puts on the Spiderman hat, he is Spiderman.  Jimmy thinks this is really cool.  He totally gets it.