I really enjoy doing laundry.  My mom hates it, and yet she never made me wash my own stuff until I was seventeen and thinking about going away to college (where you need that skill in your toolbelt.)  Now that I am keeping after the four of us, and that’s a lotta clothes, I find that there’s a certain joy to folding and hanging.  Pictured below is all of my kids’ clothes looking warm and toasty in front of the tree.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts that have been given to me ALREADY this year.  My two babes are healthy and smiley.  My marriage is in really decent shape.  Christmas, to me, is a warm cup of coffee and quality time spent with family and friends.  I know I’ll be thrilled to get some new cosmetics or pajamas, or a massage gift certificate, but none of those things really fill me up like coffee and companionship.  What does this have to do with clean clothes…?  Well, I guess I am simply happy to be able to wash, fold, and dress my family today so that we can visit with the rest — the extended family, on the 25th.  I can’t wait to see them.