Here are the photos of Little Jimmy eating a Schaumküsse from Auntie Kate.  They came in the mail well in time for some Christmas gluttony.

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Once Jimmy heard there was marshmallow inside, he was enthusiastic.  Choosing green (or in this case, turquoise) was natural for my three year old.  He loves the idea of green ice cream, green jello, green cookies.  Whatever!  He doesn’t really understand that the yummy sweets came from Germany.  He just couldn’t wait to pick one out.

Here’s part of the email from Kate explaining the lone “green” sweet amongst many other chocolate and vanilla style flavors.

I LOVE the blue one – it’s called Schlumpf (the German word for Smurf – not to be confused with ‘Schlampe’, the German word for bitch/slut), and I think it tastes just like stuff in the States that made to taste like cake batter. Yum! Please share photos of him enjoying!