Happy New Year, friends!  Today I snatched, literally, a copy of Tina Fey’s Bossypants off the stacks of paperbacks at Costco.  Less than $10, Yee haw, I was hoping to see it come out in paperback and the day has arrived!  I cannot wait to crack it open and laugh while I gorge on Enormo-muffins.  Costco has returned to the basics.  No more tinsel or cookies, snack baskets, or fake, pre-lit trees filling the aisles of the warehouse.  Nope.  January has arrived and new beginnings are on the menu.  January is always a month of severe allergies for me.  Both congested and sneezy, and itchy too, I want to sleep all day and all night long.  I want to watch terrible daytime TV and pretend I don’t have to cook or grocery shop for…just…one…more day.  Also, my hands are dry.  James and I have taken to passing a tube of hand cream back and forth whenever we are driving somewhere.  With the kids strapped in the back, a glance down at our hands makes us both gasp a little bit.

Now, the weather’s not frigid.  It’s actually sunny.  I think it’s all the handwashing.  It’s never ending, isn’t it?  Flu season, which feels like it’s officially from August until March, causes such a fright, and all you do between sneezes and diaper changes is wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.  My hands are starting to age.

But besides cracked old-lady hands, I have no complaints.  All is well on the homefront.  I am a musical theatre geek, so I am really looking forward to the premiere of Smash on NBC (a TV show about Broadway tryouts?!  Yeeeeee!,) and the return of Mad Men.  Oh boy oh boy!