Lily has sprouted four teeth on top (making a total of 6) so she is drooling and snotting this runny yellow stuff.  It’s a weird kind of head cold.  Luckily she is the just easiest baby ever, so she rarely cries.***  I love to watch her play.  She has watched her brother put together Duplo structures so often that I watch her trying to connect the pieces herself.  Fine motor skillz!  She also loves blueberries.  Her eyes are the most awesome shade of brown, it’s as if they have some greenish hue with a gray corona around the edges.  We, her parents, think they’re gorgeous.  I love you so much, little girl.

My children are so life-affirming.  Valentine’s day is going to feel good this year.  No sweets needed.  Athough we do plan to go to the movies tonight — “Chronicle” at the AMC!

***That cold became her first scary fever of 103 degrees, followed by the rash-everywhere-known-as-Roseola.  If I didn’t have my MOPS group, I would have forgotten about Roseola and thought that my baby was terribly ill.  I might have taken her to the doctor, fighting back tears, telling them I don’t know what she might have eaten, I let her put whatever in her mouth as long as it isn’t Nutrasweet or honey or booze.  But luckily, someone at my mom’s group had mentioned that their kid had it, it’s nothing to worry about.  Just an illness that each kid gets around their first birthday.  Break out the Tylenol and the oatmeal bath, and you’re all good.