Last night we took the children to dinner at Souplantation for the first time.  I kinda loved it.  No need to waste my brain cells on the Red Carpet dribble.  I think it should be our Oscar night tradition to eat there at 4:00 and come home in time for the host’s opener waiting on the DVR.

First, we insisted on broccoli for the first course.  Eat it!  Eat one more bite!!  Next, Jimmy ate his fill of their chicken noodle soup.  Those little bowls with handles are so perfect!  When I brought around the jello from the dessert station, his eyes got huge.  He told the jello he loved it, and gave it a kiss.  Then, I asked him if he would like to come with me for ice cream.  A resounding Yes.

This morning, after only 3 wake ups in the night (uggh), I sat on the couch with my coffee, and Jimmy took to the bucket of Legos and started building an “airport”.  Suddenly, the radio tower started to make a noise as he pressed on it’s “buttons”.

“Look Mom!  It’s making ice cream!  Ssshhooooooosh.  I like the WHITE flavor!  Oh, it’s YUMMY!”

Mornings aren’t so bad, really.  Kids, they say the darnedest.