Last night the four of us hit the mall.  It seemed like a fun idea due to the pouring rain and the long afternoon naps that both kids had taken.  We bought each child a brand new pair of shoes from Clarks (our family keeps this company in the black!) and I took Jimmy to McDonalds to pee.  This particular McDonalds is bustling and worn, like an old used boot that nobody ever bothered to clean, and smells a little bit like the early 1980’s, and looks like vomit.  Oh wait, maybe I reversed that…  Still, it seems to make money.  Lots of money, God Bless America.

Before heading home, the husband and I wanted to log a few more steps, so we stopped in at the Lego Store and the Apple Store.  Both places are equally entertaining for Little Jimmy and for us parents.  We marveled at the tiny yellow-headed people (and Lego Darth Vader!) and the enormous replications of space shuttles and Hogwarts’ Castle.  The Apple Store was ready to close its doors, but we grabbed a grimy, smudged iPhone, and Jimmy and I started to play Angry Birds — his first time.  He was SO into it.  I was not surprised.  Apparently all kids love Angry Birds and I had been shielding my son from its existence thus far.  Now he has seen and touched.  I wonder how soon he’ll be wanting to play it again.

So, we weren’t reading classic literature or hiking in the hills.  We had a nice experience together in the good old mall.  On the way home I read an email from a friend that really lifted my spirits.  I had recently dropped out of doing a musical, and she expressed empathy.  She had also cried those tears, felt the feeling of loss.  No opportunity passed by is the end of the world, surely.  But we make our choices, and often, those choices point in the direction of mothering and not being a performer.  Such is life, she seemed to say.  She had walked in my shoes, and I got misty-eyed reading her words.  At the end of the day, I knew that I was where I should be.  I was with my family, playing with toys and smiling.  And as each day passes, I know that I am filling my vessel with good times only to be had this once.  My new leaf has turned and it is Springtime in the neighborhood.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel good about it.