My little baby girl had her birthday party a week ago.  I’m almost done writing and mailing the thank you notes.  Haven’t washed a single gifted outfit yet.  All in good time!  So many dresses.  She is my precious girl, and every day she grins knowingly, with her 7 tiny teeth.  She knows that people find her dazzling.  When Big Brother’s not slyly shoving her out of the way when she tries to share his toys, Jimmy makes Lily giggle.  We have tried to capture it on video a few times.  Once, I was filming her and she pinched her fingers in a drawer.  I kept rolling as I ran up to release her!


Lily-kins…So many people came to your party at the local park!  I had the guest list on my smartphone — 25 adults and 21 babies/kids.  It was major.  There was FOOD.  You were so chill the whole time.  You had a taste of cake and some pizza crust.  You had a scrape on your forehead from falling at the park 5 or 6 days prior.  Neosporin to the rescue.  I wonder if I’ll photoshop out your boo-boo or just leave it.  I wonder if I’ll ever get around to printing the photos from your birthday.  Isn’t that just the plight of every modern parent?  When to stop shooting and start albums?  Well, anyway, I hope that your life is grand from here on out.  You are a blessing to DaDa and to me.  I thank heaven for you each day.