Tomorrow James comes home from a very long business trip in scenic Delaware.  He’s been gone 11 days, and I think that’s his record for being out of state for work.  It will be good to have Daddy back.  Sleeping alone in our queen bed feels good for one night, but then it’s pretty lame.  I know the kids are starting to feel a little out of whack with all the babysitters and the random gal pal visits from my friends.  And no, they’re not sleeping with me.  My neighbor grinned and asked me if we all slept in one bed when James is out of town.  Negatory.  Maybe I’m odd, but I feel like it would be confusing to them, not to mention my getting kicked in the face by small legs all night long.  I like to snuggle, but…WHY do some families do that?  I’m just too light of a sleeper.  And you should see the bruise on Lily’s forehead from her taking a tumble off my bed when we were playing pretend-restaurant the other morning.

On the 4th, we went to a friend’s BBQ to drink beer, eat, and watch fireworks.  My friend Jen is always surrounded by her family on holidays — her parents, nieces, in-laws, buddies, you name it.  The kids and I felt very welcomed into their circle, which is better than nothing when your silly husband is in awesome Delaware working a 20 hour day.  I didn’t have to worry about the little ones getting bored since Jen’s kids are exactly the same age.  There were toys and a lawn to run amok over.  There was also a bubbly 12 year old girl, who was some other friend’s kiddo, who took it upon herself to “watch” the baby as if she were on duty as a sitter.  She was so into helping her up and down the stairs of the backyard deck and asking her questions.  I loved it.  This girl was so petite and spunky, it reminded me how long ago twelve years old really was.

“Remember that time?” I asked Jen.  “No boobs, but lots of opinions.  It’s like the last stop of your childhood.”  The last stop before puberty.

I took this photo of Lily sitting on the doorstep of our house, just before we headed to the BBQ.  I love the way her hair flips in the back and she has gorgeous fat on the backs of her arms.  In July, you can sit on the front stoop for a little bit and daydream.  But then the hot air gets let in (or does the cool air escape?), along with a few houseflies.  Damn.Image