Tonight I have a bit of a song in my heart and I feel like writing.

There are three reasons for this.

Number One.  It seems that we are nearing the close of escrow on a new house for our family.  In about two weeks, we may have keys and a mortgage!  I haven’t wanted to get excited and start shopping for curtains yet, but we received the last of several inspection reports.  Everything looks okay.  No deal breakers, just a little drainage issue under the crawlspace of the house.  It sounds scary, but I suppose that in a neighborhood on a hill like this one, water flows downhill, and sometimes gets clogged and makes mud.  Apparently this problem has its solutions, and so on we go with buying the property.  Whatdoyaknow?

Number Two.  Lily went without a nap today.  At 2:00, I tried to put her down in her toddler-bed and she got right up, twice, grinning, ready to rejoin the party.  The party was only me and her brother craning our necks over a new iPad game based on the Wild Kratts cartoon from PBS.  The game was something about bathing elephants, and it was a speed game.  Instant fun, and also completely non-violent, which is worth a mention while I still have preschoolers.  Non-violent anything is so unentertaining that it’s entertaining, right?  Anyway!  My daughter was so dog-gone tired by 7:45 having skipped the nap that she laid down cradling her Curious George stuffed animal, looking delirious.  I noticed that she had pulled a band-aid off her sucky thumb.  She sucks her effing thumb all day and night, but yesterday it cracked and bled, requiring bandages, and suddenly the child was not sucking.  I thought, this was the ticket!  Tonight, I pulled her wet digit from her mouth.  Let’s keep this up, honey!  She opened her eyes and immediately squished her face up in that silent, desperate weep.  The I am so tired, I can’t contain my genuine sorrow face.  I suddenly began to apologize and sing her a song.  It was a showtune that sprang from my lips out of sheer LOVE and the desire to comfort my sad baby.  In that moment, I knew that I was also very tired.  That I understood her.  Everything was alright, everything’s fine.  And we want you to sleep well tonight.  I could have sung Old MacDonald, but some nights, that ain’t me.  A little cry never hurt anyone, and a little skipped nap doesn’t destroy.  This last bit of daylight gave me permission to relax a little bit more.  To say goodnight, let’s start again soon.  See you in the morning.

Number Three.  My oldest friend wrote her new “about me” page for her blog.  And in it, she mentions that she has always been a writer.  How simple and true is that?  Sometimes I think that when we create in this world, we are nervous about calling ourselves artist, writer, painter, actress.  As if we have to show some sort of recognition by the experts before holding title.  What we really have to do is live.  And while living, share a little of the journey with words or pictures.  Without fear of internet stalking or future embarrassment, isn’t there a precious time to record the things that we felt and the things that we saw?

Tomorrow life is going to look a little different, certainly.